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Welcome to Himadry Tex...

Himadry Tex was starting his work since February 2012. Due to the hard work and sincerity they elaborate their business into various part of section.

Garment Buying house and Manufacturer Himadry Tex has grown to be one of the leading position of ready-made Garments and other textile products export from Bangladesh to EU countries, Canada, USA, Thailand, Denmark, S. Africa Region.

The company has been executing his mission successfully by delivering finest quality and fewer prices with timely shipment. We provide some other extra facilities such as Market Survey, Quality Measurement, and accommodation and create total roadmap for the process.

Our policy made for customer satisfaction with Finest quality products and services as well as ethical and environment supported, based on strong communication and time management. Always keep our commitment & take responsibility to take our dedication for services. We committed for excellencies and we believe that Excellencies comes from honesty. So honesty is our first policy.